S3E - Sisters Three Entrepreneurs Security Consultants


S3E Offers Diversified Professional Security Consultant Services:

S3E is a Nashua, New Hamphire-based, disabled veteran small business enterprise (DVBE) (pending) offering an exclusive balance of services to the interrelated works of strategic security planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of security programs to industry and government, domestically and internationally.  S3E is a professional firm that is successful, referenced, affiliated, and credentialed.


Contact us:

45 Dublin Avenue

Nashua, New Hampshire 03063

Direct: 310-703-4317

Email: JohnSullivant@S3EConsultants.com

Professional Certifications

  1. Bullet  Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of security organizations

  2. Bullet  Evaluate strengths, weaknesses and limitations of in-place security systems

  3. Bullet  Review and create policies, plans, procedures, protocols

  4. Bullet  Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of in-place physical security measures

  5. Bullet  Evaluate effectiveness of emergency preparedness planning

  6. Bullet  Develop or update emergency response plans and procedures

  7. Bullet  Review security training needs and develop training programs

  8. Bullet  Identify major threats and risk exposure

  9. Bullet  Define industry best practices for security organizations

  10. Bullet  Engineer and design new security systems or update existing security systems

  11. Bullet  Perform discreet and confidential inspection and audit inquiries

  12. Bullet  Quality Assurance management oversight of third-party contractors